The Commute That Inspired Gratitude

Have you ever had a cathartic moment while doing something mundane? I had a moment that inspired gratitude while on the airplane last Monday.

I was feeling a bit disgruntled, as I often feel on Mondays when I’m commuting to work. I’d be spending another week away from home and, on top of that, the forecast was all clouds and rain. I sighed and looked out the window, watching the raindrops roll along the plexiglass as we sped down the runway.

I gripped the armrest and said a prayer as we lifted off. I looked down at the gloomy landscape below and mentally reviewed my list of grievances for the week. The airplane continued to climb and soon the dreary, rain-soaked Philadelphia scenery began to fade and started to be replaced with bright white clouds. On the other side of the clouds was the most beautiful sunshine and sapphire blue sky. It was then that I had my moment.

Airplane in Clouds

My view from above, somewhere over Pennsylvania.

I was living in a world of rain storms and I had forgotten about the sunshine on the other slide of the clouds.

This Thanksgiving week, I want to remind myself to focus on gratitude and incorporating it as part of my mission to live a more meaningful life. There are so many things for which to be thankful, both big and small. Here are two ways I want to express gratitude in my daily life:

Express appreciation and thankfulness when I feel it.

Rather than keeping quiet or weakly acknowledging it, I want to sincerely let others know how much I appreciate them. I have started writing more Thank You notes this year and I definitely want to continue and expand upon it.

Write more positively in my journal.

My journal is the perfect place for me to gather my thoughts and work through issues, but lately it’s been too negative. I want to try to find more balance and mention at least one thing that brought me joy that day.

Have you ever had a moment like this? What are your thoughts on gratitude this year?

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