Art Journal Page – Be Confident

One of the things I love the most about art journaling is that I can take any bit of anxiety and frustration and just put it down on the page. Art journaling doesn’t have to be pretty, there aren’t any rules, and it’s easy to do with even the most basic of supplies.

Last week in particular I was feeling a little bit under pressure because I was given additional responsibilities in my job. It’s definitely going to be a huge professional development opportunity and a big step forward in furthering my career. With any new endeavor comes excitement and ambition, but I was finding that my old habits of negativity and doubt were lying in wait, ready to pounce. Rather than let my thoughts wander into crazy (and unlikely!) scenarios of failure, I decided to pull out my art journal and create something uplifting instead.

Art Journal Page - Be Confident

Art Journal Page – “Be Confident”
Supplies: marker, gel pen, puff paint, washi tape

The focus of this page is the phrase “Be Confident” and I wanted it to be as bold as I need to be. I chose capital, block letters that I outlined in glitter for more impact. I went for a brighter color palette like purple, green, hot pink, and yellow. I tried to punch it up a little by using yellow puff paint and including animal print, which for me always seems to be symbolic of being playful.

Even though I probably wouldn’t consider this the best art journal page I’ve made, I’m still really pleased with the way it was able to take all of my intense emotion and channel them together into a positive reminder.

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Have you ever created a page out of emotion? What types of pages did you create?