Art Journal Page – 2015 Vision Map

With 2014 in the rear view mirror and all of 2015 an open road, I began dreaming up plans for my next vision board. I’ve been creating vision boards for the past three years now and found them to be extremely helpful. It’s a lot easier for me to work towards my goals when I see them on a regular basis. Instinct tells me that 2015 is going to be my year, and what better way to navigate to success than with a map? This art journal page is my 2015 vision map.

Art Journal Page - 2015 Vision Map

Art Journal Page – “2015 Vision Map”
Supplies: colored pencil, marker, Gelly Roll pens


  1. See the world
    I travel frequently for work, but I would love more leisurely opportunities where I can fully take the time to be inspired. It doesn’t always need to be far away–I’m perfectly happy exploring places right in my own backyard.
  2. Fill my canvas
    There’s a blank canvas that’s been sitting unpainted in my living room for 3 years now. I think it’s time to start working on it!
  3. Be surrounded by people I love
    It’s difficult to stay connected and make friends when I feel like I’m always somewhere new. I’ve lived in this state for 3 years and still don’t feel rooted. I want to feel like I have a home.
  4. Give back
    I’ve volunteered frequently throughout my life. I’m not currently involved in any volunteer program, but I’d love to become active again. I want to use the talents and passions I have to give back and touch as many lives as possible.
  5. Grow my blog
    In many ways, this blog is my creative side’s lifeline. It chronicles what I’ve done and what I hope to do. The act of recording and sharing keeps me going because hopefully as I change myself, I’m helping others become inspired as well.

Of course, I can’t take credit for this 2015 map idea. I created this journal page earlier this week from a prompt at Journaling Circles, a meetup group facilitated by journal aficionado, Rosemary Augustine. I’ve been attending this group for a few years now and it’s really inspired me to nurture my creativity. I’m excited to revisit this post at the end of the year to see what kinds of things I’ve accomplished!

As a special note, I met the multi-talented Andria from Drawing Near at Journaling Circles. She made a beautiful altered page to document her goals. Check out her blog post on the meetup and see what kinds of fun we had!

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What are your plans for 2015 and how are you holding yourself accountable?

Total Kismet – “Live What You Love”

Total kismet.

Live What You Love MantraBand

Okay, maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic here. But total kismet is what it felt like when I was scrolling through my blog feed and saw something posted on MantraBands. I thought to myself, “Wow. This looks like exactly what I might need.”

So I took a little shopping trip and (even though I totally wanted all of them) I decided upon one–Live What You Love.

"Live What You Love" MantraBand

“Live What You Love” MantraBand in rose gold

“Live What You Love” really spoke to me because it fully represents the direction I’ve been trying to take my life. After spending the last three years (and counting!) nearly isolated and completely lonesome, I want to live a life surrounded by friends and family again. I want to live a life where I do things that are invigorating and where each day feels like an exciting new challenge. I’ve had my MantraBand for almost a month now and I’ve been wearing it regularly alongside my watch. Whenever I look down at my wrist I have a reminder to make choices consistent with my vision. “Because life is to be enjoyed, not endured,” I am committing to take charge of my life. If I really want to be happy, I’ve got to take my dreams off the shelf, dust them off, and pursue them with everything I’ve got.

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Do you have a “mantra” you’ll be telling yourself this year?

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