Back from a 2 Year Hiatus

Would you believe I haven’t posted in almost two years? Writing again after all this time feels surreal, but I told myself when I first created the blog that I’d make every effort to come back.

Since I took a two-year hiatus, many things in my life have grown and changed.


One of the biggest things that happened was that I got married!

Artfully Megan Wedding - 2016

Artfully Megan Wedding, October 2016 (photo credit: VESA Studios)

My then-boyfriend proposed in March 2015 after six years of dating. Together with our families, we entered full-blown wedding planning mode for the next year and a half. We scoped out vendors and venues, shopped for our rings, and I hunted for the dress (it was the third one I tried on, by the way!). We regularly met with my pastor to prepare and we educated ourselves on the Filipino wedding traditions I wanted to incorporate.

The planning process wasn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but it wasn’t at all the nuisance that’s portrayed in television and movies. The planning was somewhat enjoyable, and we had a blast celebrating with family and friends when our wedding day finally came in October 2016.

We’ve been married for over a year now and the adventures continue. Over the past year, we revisited our favorite places and discovered some new ones. We never honeymooned, so our first “real vacation” as a married couple was to see the Great American Eclipse. In August, we traveled to Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC to sightsee and personally witness the eclipse. It was a great experience and we’re already making plans for our next vacation.

The Cats

Remember Nala, the brown tabby cat that I adopted in 2012? In February of this year, we adopted another cat and named her Peggy (previously known as Ruby).

Nala and Peggy cats

Nala and Peggy “bunking!”

Even though I was thrilled to have Nala as a companion, I still occasionally browsed the adoptable cats online. One day, one cat in particular caught my eye. She was a 12 year-old orange tabby that was missing a foot. She was with her foster mother for a whopping seven years! Formerly an outside kitty, she lost her foot when she was hit by a tractor. A homeless man was her first caretaker. He diligently poured peroxide on her leg and eventually it healed. We adopted Peggy on a trial basis for a few weeks and slowly introduced her to Nala.

Peggy came from a foster home where she lived with many other cats, but really prefers to be left alone. It took a while for our cats to find a balance between Nala’s little sister-like playfulness and Peggy’s laid-back personality, but having them both is so wonderful. They’ve successfully coexisted for the last nine months. It’s heartwarming to witness when they’re being social and booping noses or “bunking” on the couch.


A few months ago I took the next step in my job search by notifying my manager that I wanted to change my career path. It was intimidating at first, but the search feels more promising than ever.  After I made my goals known, I realized all the support I have. I feel like I’m on the precipice of making that long desired change. I’m looking forward to getting off the road, spending more time with my family, and nurturing my personal hobbies and interests.

BEE Liberia

BEE Liberia social media image. Visit BEE Liberia at and follow us on Instagram (@beeliberia)!

In May 2016, I joined BEE Liberia as a volunteer to use my skills for good. I was installed as their Director of Social Media and Marketing earlier this year. It’s been the perfect opportunity to use my education as a marketing graduate (fun fact!) and my creativity to change the world. BEE Liberia is a nonprofit based out of Boothwyn, PA. It strives to empower and inspire Liberian children by providing education and social services to the surrounding community. It’s truly a blessing to work with this group. With every idea I bring to the table and every piece of content I create, I know that I am making a difference.

What’s Next?

Many wonderful things have happened these past two years, but I’ve still felt a little unmotivated and depressed. My art and journaling practices are inconsistent, which is very detrimental to my spirit. Long stretches of time just seem to disappear in my memory and I think I’ve now gotten to the point where I will not accept it. I want to live more mindfully and encourage myself to indulge in my passions.

It would be too ambitious of me to expect a flip-of-the-switch change. After all, life isn’t usually experienced at a constant high. I’m just looking forward to getting to a place in my life where all the pieces are working in harmony and contributing to my well-being rather than creating more stress.

Hopefully I can continue to better myself and blog about these experiences along the way!Artfully Megan Signature