The Continuum

For those that know me, it’s probably not a secret that I’ve authored several blogs and websites—all of which no longer exist for one reason or another. When still surrounded by the ghosts of blogs past, one might wonder why I didn’t immediately dismiss the thought of starting over.

Why start over when the statistics being flung around are so jarring? “95% of bloggers quit,” one statistic reads. “Most bloggers quit after the first 6 months,” reads another. These statistics may or may not be verified, but I certainly know from personal experience that the outlook for such ventures can be grim.

Though really—why start over? My answer: the continuum.

I’ve recently taken to watching the documentary series, Craft in America, where several of the artists featured have made mention of the continuum. It connects them to other artists through an infinite loop of tradition and creativity.

But for me another continuum exists, one consisting of suppressed dreams and unexplored prospects. Somehow I find myself within this continuum, desperately throwing things into the void that only the fulfillment of creative aspirations can close. One of those aspirations is this blog, the creation of which has been impatiently gnawing at me over the past few months.

What would happen if, instead of believing myself doomed from the start, I gave myself a chance? What would happen if, when met with the opportunity to live a piece of my dreams, I said yes? Would I break through the cycle of creative self-denial?

There’s no way to tell from where I stand today, but today I am willing to take the chance!

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