I have a secret…

I have a secret: an embarrassing, ashamed-to-call-myself-an-artist kind of secret. There’s a blank canvas that’s been sitting in my living room for three years now and I’m still not sure what to do with it.

The Secret

I got this canvas when I moved into my first apartment, a Spartan dwelling with just the bare essentials: bed, couch, tv, computer… and the canvas. The finished product would be the perfect size for my living room, though I did debate for a time whether or not I’d like to hang it over my bed instead. It was going to be a reflection of my personal style, both decorative and artistic. It was going to be perfect.

It started out as an exciting prospect, but the excitement quickly fizzled into intimidation. “That’s the biggest canvas I’ve worked with so far,” I told myself. “Are you sure you’re going to be able to finish it? What if you don’t like it?” I struggled with this negative self-talk over three years each time I looked at it. For a time I even found myself trying to ignore it.

But this year, one of my goals is to fill my canvas. And I will do it! Art is not about being perfect—it’s about what’s in your heart. I will overcome my fear, self-doubt, and obsession with perfection to make something beautiful.

Artfully Megan Signature

Do you have an art project you’ve been putting off or avoiding? What do you think has been holding you back? Alternatively: Did you ever complete a project you had been putting off or avoiding? How did it make you feel?