Why I’m Keeping a Bullet Journal in 2018

Does anyone else have a bullet journal? Is anyone trying bullet journaling for the first time this year?

I started bullet journaling in late 2016. My first bullet journal was a way to track my activities, like what shows I watched and my daily mood. I bullet journaled sporadically last year, but I noticed that I did it consistently for my work activities. For 2018, I want to get into the habit of bullet journaling regularly to meet my other goals.

Bullet Journal - January 2018

The first two pages of my January 2018 layout. My bullet journal is a Leuchtturm1917 A5 size and the decoration was done with Stabilo Fine Liners and Sakura Jelly Roll pens.

What I like about keeping a bullet journal

  • I have complete control of the layout. Unlike some pre-printed planners, I can customize my bullet journal exactly to my needs. I can list and track what interests me the most. Additionally, it feels more “trackable” to see my goals and activities displayed this way.
  • Similar to others that keep a bullet journal, I utilize symbols to list and track my tasks. For example, a star next to a task indicates that it’s high priority.
  • Though bullet journals don’t have to be highly decorated, the decorative aspect appeals to me. I love using stickers, my never-ending collection of washi tape, markers…you get the picture!

What I want to track this year

  • I have a separate bullet journal for blog activities. I use it to collect ideas for blog posts, track my “must-do” activities, and set monthly goals.
  • I’m making an effort to read more in 2018, so I made a fun page to track my progress (perhaps I’ll feature this soon!).
  • I’ll be tracking aspects of my health since I’m focusing on healing and becoming a better version of myself.
  • Wayne and I are closely monitoring our finances as we move closer to buying a home and starting a family.
  • I want to be more cognizant of career opportunities. I realized that I need to be more aggressive about things like networking and training so I can follow my dreams.

Do you bullet journal? How are you planning to keep organized this year?

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