Artfully Megan’s 2017 Post-Christmas Review

Another year, another Christmas…and that means another post-Christmas review!

Christmas 2017

This year, my husband and I visited our families in New Jersey. I’m an introvert through and through, but I do enjoy being surrounded by friends and family. I love participating in the usual holiday traditions, like Nochebuena and going to mass. Now that I’m married and my family has grown even more, I’m joining in a lot of new traditions. Wayne and I are even starting to create our own!

One new thing we tried this year was Hallmark Christmas Bingo, downloaded from Addie Zierman’s 2015 blog post. A lot of the movies share recurring holiday themes, character archetypes, and plot lines. We thought for sure that we’d fill our cards within the first 30 minutes, but getting bingo was quite elusive. I won twice, but it took until the end of the movies to find exactly what I needed. We definitely recommend giving it a try in 2018 if you’re looking for something unique.

Christmas Tree 2017

This year’s tree, decorated with ornaments gathered through the years and some new ones we received for our wedding last year.

Gifts I Received

I feel really blessed to have a husband that supports my creative endeavors. This year, I received a lot of arts-related items. I’m looking forward to using them!


2017 Christmas Gifts

Some of the arts-related gifts I received this Christmas. Left to right: Homecube Pencil Case, Mongol Pencils, and Reclaimed Fabric Tote Bag

Homecube Pencil Case

This pencil case is small, but can fit so many supplies. I’ve already filled it with Stabilo mini pens, Sharpies, fountain pens, a mechanical pencil, a pencil sharpener, ruler, and eraser. Would you believe that it’s still not full? It will be perfect for taking with me in all my travels, near and far.

Mongol Pencils

I remember being totally enamored by the crazy amounts of stationery I saw when my family visited the Philippines in 1996. We did all of our supply shopping for the next school year there. I distinctly remember picking up several boxes of Mongol pencils, which I fondly remember as the pencils I used when learning how to draw. These were purchased from CW Pencil Enterprise and are every bit as soft and pigmented as I remember.

Reclaimed Fabric Tote Bag

I’ve been looking for a convenient tote bag to carry my books and art supplies with me in 2018. I saw this on Etsy (seller: MaeganJeanette) and thought it would be perfect! It is made from a reclaimed National Westminster bank bag and even has vintage fabric on the inside. This is a one-of-a-kind item, but the seller has a lot of other wonderful items in her shop.

The Rest of Vacation

Now that the holiday rush has subsided, I’m excited to focus on my hobbies. Some things on my to-do list:

  • Work on my blog
  • Bullet journal
  • Draw
  • Read (currently rereading The Monster of Florence by Douglas Prescott, Mario Spezi)
  • Art journaling

I’m looking forward to taking some time to take care of myself and make sure I go into 2018 energized and refreshed.

How did you spend your holiday? Did you receive any creative goodies this year?

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