Art and Life: An Unbreakable Link

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve slowly started sharing with the people in my life that I blog. I’m finding that it’s difficult even though most of these people already know that I’m into art. I think the difficulty stems from the fact that I keep most aspects of my life heavily guarded and private (it was hard enough to share my lifelong resolution), but to me, art and life are joined by an unbreakable link.

Art Journal Page - Creativity Takes Courage

Art Journal Tile – “Creativity Takes Courage” (Henri Matisse)
Supplies: rubber cement, watercolor, black pen, gel pen

Admitting that I keep an art blog is intimidating because art can be a place to be vulnerable. It’s a place where I put myself out there. It’s a place where I can freely experiment without judgment or consequence. It’s a place where raw emotion meets a tangible surface in a beautiful, expressive collision. For me, it’s not only a place where I learn and discover new techniques–it’s a place where I learn about and discover myself.

Creativity certainly takes courage–not just the courage to make, but also the courage to share. When I look at my story and why I chose to start blogging in the first place, it gives me the courage to continue. Letting the creativity back in has transformed my life and I’m hoping to make a connection with those that feel the same way.

Do you find it hard to share your artwork and/or blog with others? 

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  1. I agree with you that sharing an art blog can make you feel quite vulnerable. Sometimes I feel weird when my latest blog post is linked to my Facebook page, because most of my Facebook friends are not part of the “art aspect” of my life. It was so weird to go to my high school reunion and hear from old acquaintances that they check out my blog!! But blogging has been a great way to keep me accountable for being creative and making art. I like how your rubber cement resist background looks…is this watercolor paper?

    • Yes, I agree. There are a lot of people not involved in the art aspect of my life and I’m not sure if they understand how much personal feeling is linked to being creative. But then again, you never know. It’s great that there are people checking your work out online!

      And thanks! The artist tile is watercolor paper. I normally use masking fluid, but I had rubber cement for another project and noticed it behaved similarly (though while doing this I found it’s much stickier!).

  2. There are people who will like your art, people who wish they could be as artistic and those that will rain on anybody’s parade. Your art is incredibly creative and beautiful. Keep creating and focus only on those that seek you out for inspiration.

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